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whoseheartbreak's Journal

not a special snowflake - infinite and unbreakable
2 May
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I'm me, for better or for worse, and I can't imagine being anyone else.
I sing.
I love.
I write.
I dance
I cook.

I believe in love overcoming everything.
I believe in romance that involves walking along riverfronts and slowdancing to silence.
But mostly I believe in you. Because everyone needs someone to believe in them.
an cafe, arkham, aural skills, baking, being cold, being gorm, being near a river, being social, blitzwing, blue, books, bright eyes, bryan dick, bubbles, bullets and octane, cardigans, cats, charity shops, chocolate cake, choir practice, co writing, colours, concepts, conor oberst, cooking, cotton, cracking bones, crooked smiles, crying at stupid stuff, dancing, daydreams, disney, doing stupid stuff, dorking, dreams, emo, fall out boy, fantasy, fluffy knitted things, fluffy things, food, food looking like soap, fountain pens, germany, ghosts, green, hamsters, harley/joker, horror, innuendoes, joe jonas, joe/nick, johnny depp, joick, jonas, jrock, jumpers, kevin jonas, laying under the stars, letters, love, lyrics, makeup, making crappy icons, metal, mowed grass smell, muscles, music, musicals, my chemical romance, nick jonas, nick/joe, nightmares, nightmares and dreamscapes, old book-smell, owen wilson, pans labyrinth, paul day, peanutbutter kitkats, pens and paper, pink, poetry, presents, pretty boys, pretty colours, pretty dresses, puppies, queen, retro, rev simpkins, role playing, romance, rping, salad sandwiches, screamo, seth rogan, shingle street, singing, slash, smirking, smirks, snuggles, soap looking like food, strawberry scented stuff, stuff, the 50's, the 60's, the bang bang, the crow, the husband, the jobros, the libertines, the used, the wet pavement, tom waits, travelling, useless information, vampires, vintage, violins, warm baths, weird and wacky hair, winter, words, writing, yellow, your mum