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Oct. 4th, 2018

So this needed redoing like whoa. I am Nicole. Also known as Nicky. I like to write, but honestly? What do you expect from an LJ-er. I also like fandom, and making fanmixes, and icons.
I'm mainly into bandom, including j-rock, but I also dabble in some movies as well; Transformers and Sweeney Todd are pretty good examples. Hmm... Basically, if you don't mind slash and you're a nice person, I'll like you, so...

This Journal is Semi Friends Only.


It's Gettin' Hot In Here.

 So you know that season, between spring and autumn? the really really deathly hot one? summer? yeah? I HATE IT. I hate waking up and feeling dizzy from dehydration, I hate not being able to sleep for ages because it's so warm, I hate being sweaty and claustrophobic in an empty room. I hatehatehate it. roll on winter!

On the plus side: I'm making myself an Enjolras plushie. He's a bit lopsided so far but that's okay. I'll love him anyways.

The End of Silence

 Good afternoon friends list. I know it's unlikely that anyone will see this because I suck at updating so it's likely that this post will be swallowed by your flists. It's really quite warm in my house, and I'm trying to avoid overheating because lately I've been feeling really sick whenever I start to do anything. This is awkward at work. 
 I saw Les Mis with Nick Jonas this weekend. Les Mis was, as expected, amazing. Nick was a little disappointing, but I suppose I can't compare him to West End singers - he's a popstar, not a musical theatre actor. Killian Donnelly, playing Enjorlas, was absolutely fantastic and I'm currently squeeing over him. yumjaam  actually enjoyed it, which was surprising, and even though I always say she knows nothing about music she can tell when someone has a good voice. She's commented again and again how the man playing Javert was amazing, and she's right.

 Despite last week being rather disappointing, I'm quietly optimistic about my future. For once.

Jun. 7th, 2010

how in the hell do I purge an account without deleting it? :( 


Title: You Look Finer With Each Day In Hiding

Author: whoseheartbreak 

Pairing: Joe/Nick

Rating: PG13? Rish. Death and war and the obligatory incest.

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. Please?

Summary: Nick's been having nightmares for months. He's put it down to stress (because, now, who isn't stressed?), bad eating habits and his levels being off. So he's used to waking up in a cold sweat, yelling for anyone and reaching blindly in the almost-glowing darkness.



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Title: Pillow Forts and Prom Dates
Author: whoseheartbreak 
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Rating: PG, maybe PG13.
Summary: Er. Not sure how I feel about this. A slightly longer, fluffy piece with a little bit of bitterweet angst in it... 
"Life wasn't meant to be lived in pillow forts..."


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Title: When The President Talks To God
Author: whoseheartbreak 
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Rating: PG.
Summary: I wrote this for yumjaam, because she wanted Joe messy-crying and dealing with it on his own. Plus I love her to bits.


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Title: If I Only Could Make A Deal With God
Author: whoseheartbreak
Rating: NC17 overall, PG13ish this chapter
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Summary: Nick knew from experience that falling in love could go two ways. There was the subtle, slow burn of his chest constricting when he looked into eyes and had to concentrate on a mouth or the curve of a spine, and then there was the full force like a slap in the face of realising it for the first time.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. Please? I'm only worth around £1.
Chapter: One of Nineteen.

Title: As Long As You're Mine
Author: whoseheartbreak
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Rating: PG13
Warnings/Disclaimer: Kissing, angst and incest. Don't own. Unfortunately.
Summary: "Nick, we're brothers, we can't..." Is what Joe says. What Nick hears is a rejection without apology.

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001.Immortal002.Sway003.Sticks and Stones004.Museum005.Practical
006.Over007.Speak008.White noise009.Snow storm010.Present
011.Quitting012.Paint013.Freak out014.Home alone015.Haunted
031.Eating out032.Admire033.Thrilled034.Shadow035.Coming home
036.Anywhere037.Lonely road038.Electrify039.Coffee break040.Chained
046.Sheltered047.Nosebleed048.Cuddle049.Fireplace050.Played for a fool
051.Fireflies052.Pills053.Endless night054.Crawl055.Invisible
071.Speakers072.Under the influence073.Odd socks074.Spatula075.Watching
076.Sweat077.Closer078.Turning point079.Mercy080.Under pressure
081.News082.Candy083.Rain084.Whistle085.Needful things
086.Lawyers087.Park bench088.Locked089.Tongue-tied090.Marzipan
091.Butterflies092.Winners and Losers093.Abducted094.Plugged095.Carefree
096.Writer's Choice097.Writer's Choice098.Writer's Choice099.Writer's Choice100.Writer's Choice